Running a short-term rental business? Set it on autopilot!



As soon as a booking comes in Autohost is on it: Notifying the cleaner, sending check-in instructions, you name it ;)



Your cleaner automatically gets an email to schedule a cleaning on checkout date - Guest turnover has never been smoother!



Keep on top of your schedule, no matter how many listings you manage

Why the need to Autohost?

Automating cleaning communications and scheduling

AutoHost is a tool for hosts and property managers with multiple short-term rental units. We built Autohost because everything else we've used was complicated and expensive. Autohost automates the repetitive tasks of managing listings so you can reduce the resources and time wasted on them.

Autohost is quick to set up, and then you do.. Nothing.

Let’s do it!

Need to schedule a cleaning? Done!

Taking care of the tunrover

The first tool on our Autohost agenda is the cleaning scheduler: Everytime you get a reservation, our system will automatically generate a cleaning request for checkout day and send it to your cleaner for confirmation. You get an accurate cleaning schedule and save yourself the trouble of messaging the cleaner back-and-forth. You’re welcome.

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Is Autohost for me?

Airbnb Hosts

All your listings and reservations are automatically updated, all in one place. Make your life easier, start automating

Property Managers

Do you manage multiple Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway properties? Autohost is built for you

Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re steps away or in a different country, Autohost gives you an easy way to smoothly run your vacation rental

Integrates with everything...

Autohost is buit to be robust. It works in unity with all the major PMS providers: Guesty, AirGMS, CloudBeds, HostAway and more

Don't be just a host, become an AUTOHOST.